You are in the right place

You are in the right place

#15. The Change Agent

Niche: Adult Education if you’ve ever considered writing for money

Re Payment Method: Unknown

The alteration Agent is a grownup Education Publication that pays $50 per article contributed. Your article are any such thing from 250 words to 1,000 terms, and you’ll nevertheless be compensated the exact same quantity no matter the length of time your articles is, provided that it really is accepted.


Niche: Ceramics

Re Re Payment Method: Unknown

If you think you are able to compose articles on everything ceramics you need to provide a go. You will end up compensated $25 for just about any brief article accepted, $350 for the 1,000 terms bulletin, or over to $900 for the 5,000 terms bulletin accepted.

#17. Dollar Stretcher

Niche: Selection Of Topics

Re Re Payment Method: Always Check

By composing for The buck Stretcher you shall be compensated $0.10 per term for just about any article accepted. This means you will get $100 for a 1000 terms article, and $500 for a 5,000 terms article. Continue reading “You are in the right place”